June 5, 2012
The World’s First and Only Completely Honest Résumé of a Graphic Designer

A hilarious mock resume, my favorite part is below:

Lucid Concepts (2004-2007)

I loved everything about this company, and regret I worked only three short years there. It was run on chaos in the morning, fear in the afternoon, and Ritalin at night, all qualities for producing great design. Lucid is where I produced most misunderstood piece, the one-hundred-and-twenty-two page deck explaining why Citadel Airlines should change their logo’s main colorway from one shade of red to another.

Ridiculed in trade publications when it leaked on SlideShare, I’ll note here that Citadel not only increased their new passenger base by an impressive margin, but also plane crashes and malfunctions actually decreased from seven per annum to two. Since I am sure you have total Pantone recall like myself, close your eyes and picture this: Pantone 167. Open your eyes and cleanse them by looking at a drab wall. Close again. Now picture Pantone 145. And open. Much less “fiery,” correct? I was behind that. If you can comprehend the world of different feelings evoked by these two superficially similar shades, as Citadel did, then we need to do business.

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